Sunday, December 20, 2009

Escape by Carolyn Jessop

  • Why should I feel disgraced? I knew in my heart that there was nothing wrong with being a woman. I wanted to roar like a woman. I knew that would never be allowed, but that didn't stop me from being proud of myself. I was a woman, not a fake!
  • No one wants to be made to feel inferior.
  • Nothing seemed crueler than the loss of a child.
  • Sadness was acceptable during the immediate aftermath, but questioning God was not.
  • God had the right to give and right to take away.
  • The death of a family member was actually a blessing because it gave our family a representative on the other side who would try to protect us.
  • Where much is given, much is required.
  • If you put yourself in a place where the devil has sole power, he can take your life.
  • I loved the steadying rhythm of the waves. It was powerful but not at all frightening. I felt small, safe, and protected.
  • People who have never been taught or allowed to think for themselves don't suddenly change. Change is too frightening.
12/20/2009--5:45 p.m.